Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Hair Cut

Topher's hair was getting really long and really bushy and crazy, so I thought I would practice with my new clippers again. I was a little worried cause Topher doesn't sit still very well, so I decided to give him a sucker to keep him occupied. It totally did the trick! I sat still the whole time and never whined once (I should have tried that with Timmy...he was terrible). Granted..he had three suckers, but at least he got a good hair cut. Afterward he looked like he had a beard because of the hair he had stuck to all of the sucker slobber on his face (who knows how much hair he got in his mouth). It was hilarious.

Topher and Maura

Topher and Maura spend a lot of time together during the day while Timmy is at school. Some days they get along so well and play all day. Other days....they fight like cats and dogs and I want to pull my hair out. I was on the phone the other day and it was awfully quiet (which I was grateful for), when I got off the phone this is what I saw...

They were sitting under the table and Maura was putting little gel window Easter decorations all over Topher's head and he was loving it! They were both giggling so cute. I chalked it up to one of their good days.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This post is mostly for Kam and Sarah who requested to see more video of Topher walking. He has gotten even better since I took these. Enjoy!

Kids are so honest

I tried to cute TJ and Timmy's hair in the past, but it just didn't turn out really well. I started sending to the Great Clips, cause they just looked better afterwards. Since times are getting a little tighter with money, I decided to give hair cutting another shot. I bought a new set of clippers and decided to practice on Timmy. Last night after his hair cut and shower he told T.J., "Dad, Mom need some more practice cutting hair, cause I just don't look the same!" I admit, its not the best hair cut ever, but now I know what to do better next time (if Timmy will let me try it again)!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Lephrechan Hunt

We usually don't make a big deal out of St. Patrick's Day, but in Timmy's class at school, they learned about leprechans. Timmy told me that they were sneaky, that they like to move things around in the room when no one was looking and that they left a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. He even made a leprechan trap and brought it home. He told me he was going to try and catch a leprechan in our house. So, when he was at school, I moved a lot of things around in his room. When I told him something was wrong with his room, he immediately knew that the leprechans had been there. While the kids were fixing their room, I made a trail of green confetti down the stairs, through the living room, and down to the basement. As soon as they saw the trail, they were running. The trail eventually lead them to a pot o' candy. They were so excited. When I asked Timmy how he knew to follow the trail he said, "I just thinked it up in my noggin!" It was a fun little trick. The kids even spend the rest of the afternoon sweeping the basement and picking up all of the confetti!

Spring Break 2009

We had tons of fun on Spring Break. T.J.'s mom, dad, and sister came out for a visit. It was so fun and we did lots of fun things. Instead of typing out a whole narration. I'll just list the things we did (warning...there will be a lot of pictures too).

What we did for spring break:
ate, ate, and ate some more
went to Palmyra and saw the Hill Cumorah, The Joseph Smith Farm, and the Sacred Grove
did taco night
watched Australia and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (so sad)
crossed the border to Canada
saw Niagara Falls from Canada
went to an indoor water park
wore wet shorts, flip flops, and a coats in 30 degree weather (brrrr)
reorganized the basement and filled my water storage barrels
We had such a good time, but almost needed another week to recover.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Topher is walking....sort of

Topher started walking this week so I had to put this on. Granted, he not really good yet, but he's getting there. I see him letting go of the furniture more and more to venture across the room. He just think that he needs to run after the first couple of steps (which leaves him face down on the carpet). I can't believe my baby is walking....where does the time go?

Live Strong

T.J. and his friend Anthony have decided to turn over a new leaf and start biking. They are wanting to drop a few unwanted pounds and get in shape. I hope T.J. can stick with it. Aren't they totally gorgeous in those helmets?