Thursday, August 13, 2009

18 months

My Topher is 18 months! We have been counting down for the last 3 months because he is so terrible at church. He's been having a hard time transitioning into nursery, but he gets better every week. My little guy is so funny. He can be the sweetest little guy when he gives us loves and kisses, but he can also be a little pill sometimes. If he gets wound up he will bite, pinch, scratch, and hit. He's quite the rough guy. He doesn't say much either, but he understands pretty much everything. He follows directions really well and loves to help me do simple jobs. He has started saying a couple of words this week like ball (his favorite toy yet), yah (for yes), and mamma. He's a man of few words. He loves to be outside and will bring me his shoes during the day so that I will get the hint, but without a fenced yard he heads for the street whenever he gets a chance. He thinks he is bigger than he really is and thinks he can do whatever Timmy and Maura do and gets very upset and offended when he doesn't get to. We love this little guys even though he gives us a run for our money everyday, but how could we not love him? Look how cute he is!

Summer Fun

Playing with our Spiderman slip n' slide.

Cute Maura

Playing in our pool.

Topher having his snack.

Timmy and Topher "playing" Xbox.

Timmy at swim lessons.

Maura at swim lessons.

Playing at the splash park after the last day of swim lessons.

The kids with thier completion certificates.
Its been a pretty good summer, but a pretty rainy summer too. On the days it was rainy we stayed inside did crafts, watched movies, and played video games. But on the days it was sunny we went to the park, jumped on the trampoline and splashed in the water. We also did the last session of swim lessons. The kids absolutely loved lessons. We could only get into the 8:30 am session, but it actually turned out nice for us. Maura was in level 1 and she was the only kid in her class so she got a lot of one on one time with the teacher (which she loves...if you know Maura) and she learned a lot. There were only 3 other kids in Timmy's class and his teacher was awesome. By the last day he kept screaming out "Mommy! I can swim! I can swim!" He was really proud of himself. We will definitely do it again next year. So far its been a good summer (and I'm not going to lie...there's been tons of fighting)and we're excited to head back to AZ soon for a visit.