Sunday, February 20, 2011

Timmy's concert

Timmy had a little singing concert at school this week. It super short and swee,t but so cute. Topher and Maura were captivated the whole time. Timmy even had a little solo. He did such a great job. I was very proud of him.
What a handsome boy!

Timmy and his good friend Jessi

38 weeks

There is nothing I hate more than posting pregnancy pictures for everyone to see how much weight I've gained and how big I've gotten, but I needed to post at least one picture to show proof that I was indeed pregnant for the fourth time. So this is for all the girls who actually gain weight and look pregnant during pregnancy! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Topher's 3rd Birthday

Topher had his 3rd birthday last week. He was so excited that we had been counting down for a long time. We opened presents in the morning. He got some play instruments, a big spiderman, a Woody car, and a cape made by me. He was really excited about everything and had a good day playing with Timmy and Maura. That evening we got together with Drew and Cass to have pizza and cupcakes.
Topher is such a funny little guy. He is super snuggly and loves everyone. He says some funny thing sometimes. A couple of things I can remember are "Mom, I yuv you wealwee (really) wealwee wealwee much! You the best mom in whole world!" "Dad is the wealwee best joker." "I just can't see good...i need gwasses (glasses) on my face." He keeps me laughing every day. We are so glad Topher is in our family. We love him very much!

Family Home Evening Fun

My kiddos love doing puzzles. We saw this Disney one at the store and had to get it. So, for Family Home Evening we all worked together to finish it. It was super fun.