Monday, October 24, 2011

Special Sunday

This Sunday was our ward's primary program. It is my favorite Sunday of the whole year. As usual, it was just beautiful. Timmy and Maura both had speaking parts, which were so good and Timmy sand the 1st verse of I Lived in Heaven all by himself. He did so great. Singing in sacrament meeting is scary for a grown up and he did it beautifully. I was one proud mom.

Another thing that made it special was that the general Primary President Sis. Wixom was visiting in our ward that day. She visited the primary kids and made her way to each nursery to see the kids and visit with the teachers. My sister Cassie is Topher's primary leader and when Sis. Wixom came in to see the nursery, Cassie grabbed Toph to have him tell her what he learned that day. Cassie asked him about the things Heavenly Father made to put on the earth and he told them that he made all different kinds of animals, naming them by name. Then she asked him why Heavenly Father made the earth and he simply said, "Dus (just) because Him wuv (love) us. Cassie said it was a really sweet moment. Those little ones really are listening and absorbing more than we think. They are such special spirits.

8 months

Don't worry...she doesn't pull herself up yet. Dad just thought it would be fun to let her stand for a minute. She thought she was hot stuff. :)

This little girl is getting so big. She is now army crawling everywhere. She goes wherever she wants to and is into everything. She is able to pick up cheerios and loves having her snacks. This means I have to keep the floors clean because she picks up and eats everything. She loves to make her way to the bookcase and pull out and chew on all the kids books. Her sleeping habits have gone down hill though. We are working on her soothing herself to sleep in the middle of the night, I'm crossing my fingers that she gets it soon. The kids are still enamored by her. In fact, they fight everyday after school about who is going to hold her first. They tell me every day that they love having a baby around. She entertains us all and she the center of our world.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cub Scouter

I cannot believe I have a kid in scouts already. Timmy has been loving cub scouts. He looks forward to going every week. He earned his Bobcat and got his badge at the last pack meeting. They made T.J. hold him up-side-down while he pinned the little pin on me. I'm glad he is enjoying it so much. I hope we can keep up with it until he gets his eagle!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

"P" School

I was able to get Topher into a little preschool at the community center 2 days a week for 2 hours. We have to laugh because he calls it P-school. The first day was a little hard, he didn't want to stay at all. I had to practically rip him off my leg and run out. He eventually settled down and did fine and each day has been better and better. He tells me what he does each day, it includes things like running in the gym, singing songs, having snack, and sitting on the rug. He has a lot of friends in his class. Almost half of the kids are in our ward! Starting preschool has helped him "grow up" a little bit. He has learned quickly to take himself to the bathroom with out mom, buckling his seat belt, and putting his shoes on. He likes to have mom help him so pretty much everything, so he is getting more and more independent. It is fun to see him experience and learn new things. He is such a strong willed, sweet boy. I love him tons!