Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Trip

We took a trip to Arizona and California for Thanksgiving. It was a super adventure to say the least. Cassie and I flew out with all of the kids first because Drew and TJ still had school. The kids did so great in the airport and the plane. We stayed a couple of days with Papa and Grandma Rubalcava before we picked up the boys and headed out to California.
We stayed 4 days in California doing Disneyland and Knottsberry Farm. It was super crazy but super fun. Both places were packed but we still tried to fit in as many rides as we could. Disneyland was beautiful because it was decorated for Christmas. We also got to see the World of Color show in the pouring rain. We were totally soaked to the bone by the time it was over but it was fantastic. The kids got to see all kinds of characters and ride most of the rides cause they were tall enough this year. I sat out with the babies most of the time but I still had a great time.
When we came back to AZ we stayed a couple of days with Klint and Corinne. The kids had so much fun playing with cousins and the dog. Papa and Grandma Webb came to see us and so did Rich and Liesl and Joele. It was great to catch up and visit. We are glad they put up with all of us. The adventure back through the airport was not quite as smooth. 2 moms going through the airport with with 6 kids, 5 car seats, 4 suitcases, and 2 strollers is something I would definitely not recommend, but we survived it and were glad to be home. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and we were so Thankful we got to go.
Ranan and Topher being friends.

Ranan and Topher not being friends

Mickey Mouse pancakes from Papa.

Silly boys

Glad Uncle Alecc was home from his mission

All ready to go to Disneyland

The first ride of the trip

Maura driving her own car...she giggled the whole entire time.

Thehighlight of the trip for the boys

The whole family

So pretty

The one ride Topher and Ranan got to ride at Knotts.

Getting soaked

Rock climbing

Timmy finding out what his totem was

Brother Bear

Papa and Grandma Webb with the kids

Maura decided to play Avatar in the back yard and covered herself in blue chalk....silly girl.

2nd grade project

Timmy had to do a project on Native Americans for his class and we decided that we would make tools that they used so we made a mortar and pestle, an arrow head and a tomahawk. They turned out pretty good for a mom and a second grader with a little paper mache and paint. Timmy was involved with every step and did most of the work. He was very proud of the finished product.