Saturday, July 25, 2009

What the kids have been doing this summer...

The kids have been keeping me busy trying to keep them busy. Needless to say...I am just about ready for school to start again, but we still have a month left.

What would summer be without a few fights fist fights (and some real ones too...ugh)!
Topher really likes the Hulk Hands.

What cute kids!

Then we had some fun with foam stickers and pipe cleaners.
The kids loved making the ducks and dinosaurs.
We also had a few educational activities as well.

What I've beein doing this summer...

I decided to work on some projects this summer to keep me busy. I reallt enoyed working on them when the kids would let me. Some days were more productive than others, but I able to complete everything I wanted to make except for a shirt for me. When I get the motivation to sew again, that will be my next project.

I took one of TJ's paper surgery caps, made a pattern, and whipped TJ up some custom caps!

I made some bracelets for a my niece Bentley and for Nina who are both due soon.

A few baby blankets.

And a couple of reversible nursing covers.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Timmy!

Timmy's birthday was this week. He had a very specific specifications on what he wanted done for his special day. First he wanted egg burros for breakfast, then he wanted to go to the zoo, after the zoo he wanted to play with his birthday presents, then go to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. We did all of it. The zoo was fun and Chuck E Cheese was crazy, but he loved every bit of it especially since Chucky came to sing him Happy Birthday. Maura was so excited too. She kept saying..."I can't believe Chucky is really alive!" He blew out his candles on his Wall-E cake and we called it a night. It was a good 6th birthday for my sweet Timmy.

The Hill Cumorah Pageant

We went to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant last week. We got there a couple of hours early and set up our "camp" just behind the chairs. We had a really good view but the kids were able to lay down on the blanket and run around in the grass before it stared.We packed a dinner for the kids and they loved sitting on the blanket to eat their dinner (in their matching shirts so I couldn't lose them...thanks Drew and Cass!). We took a picture with Joseph Smith, visited with friends, and let the kids run wild until it was time for it to start. Topher fell asleep on my lap not long after it started, Timmy really liked it and was mesmerized most of the time, but Maura couldn't sit still to save her life. The pageant was really cool with lots of people in it, and lots of special effects. We are glad we got the chance to go. It was really neat.
Taking a picture with "Joseph Smith"

Playing with friends

Eating their picnic dinner

Topher just chillin'

The stage before the pageant

Look at how many people were in it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

I just had to share this. Pay attention to the last word of each phrase (he almost gets them right)! Happy 4th of July!

Fire Station Visit

For Play Group this week we went to the fire station and got a good lesson on fire safety. After the lesson the kids got to see the fire trucks, see their training facility, take silly fireman pictures, and spray the fire hose. The kids really had a good time and it was a nice way to spend the morning.