Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Puzzle

We finished another Disney puzzle for Family Home Evening the other night. This is getting to be a favorite family activity. We 7 more Disney Puzzles to finish and we are going to frame them and put them on the kids walls. They are so excited.

And while we were working on the puzzle, Mila was doing this:

what a life!

1 month

I can't believe that Mila (pronounced Mee-luh for those who were still wondering) is already 1 month old already. At her appointment she weighed 8 lbs 14 oz. She is growing so fast already. She is absolutely adored at our house. She gets tons of attention and is often smothered but it doesn't seem to bother her yet. She is pretty content and sleeps pretty good at night too. We love her so much and we are so glad she came to our family.

Getting loved on by the kids.

Sleeping soundly on a blanket Cassie made.

Ready to go to the Dr.

In her hat that Aunt Sarah made her and laying on the blanket from Grandma Webb.


We signed Timmy and Maura up for soccer this year. They really really enjoyed it. They got a shirt and a ball for playing. Topher felt really bad that he didn't have his own ball that we got him one for his birthday. He kicked his ball up and down the sidelines the whole time. T.J. and I really enjoyed going each week to watch them play. They were really sad when it ended but now we're moving on to baseball!

St. Patrick's Day

The leprechauns came to our house again this year. The kids were super excited. They even left the leprechauns a note thanking them for the goodies. What sweet kids, huh?

He's Finished!!

Well, its official...T.J. is finally finished with his Master's degree!! He just passed his national board exam and his diploma just came in the mail. I couldn't more proud of him. It was a long road with lots of stress and worry but this little part of our journey is over. It feels good for me and I know it has to feel even better for him. Now he has a good job and is working at a hospital here. It is so awesome to get pay checks again (although we tons of loans to pay off). We aren't quit sure where we will end up settling down for good but for now we are enjoying life here in Buffalo with our little family.

This is T.J.'s graduation present. He has always wanted a salt water fish tank so he treated himself to one about a month ago. It has been an adventure learning about how it works and which fish do well with other fish, but it is pretty and the kids absolutely love it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

Maura's class had Wacky Wednesday in honor of Dr. Seuss. She was excited to have silly hair and mismatched clothes. We even tried to get her to wear two different pairs of shoes but she wasn't too keen on that. I thought she looked great though. I sure love my Maura.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

She's Here!

Mila Reese Rubalcava came on February 24th, 2011 at 11:45 a.m. She weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and was 19 3/4 inches long. I went in for a scheduled c-section and everything went just about according to the plan. The Dr. discovered some adhesions during the procedure and had to fix those which made the surgery quite a big longer and not to mention more brutal. I could feel them pushing, pulling and manipulating my insides and when all the pain meds started to wear off, I felt like I'd been in a fight and had been punched in my side. It was all worth it though when I finally got to hold my little girl.

My mom flew in from AZ that night and was able to help T.J. with the kids while I was in the hospital. While she was here she did everything for me. She cleaned my house, did my laundry, cooked dinner, woke up with me in the middle of the night with me to help me with the baby, and even helped me get dressed. I couldn't have made it without her. She went home Sunday and we were so sad to see her go. Maura sobbed when she left. She kept saying that we just live too far away.
Thankfully on the day my mom left, T.J. started his vacation. He helped me so much I bet it didn't feel like a vacation to him. I am so grateful to my family (thanks Drew and Cass) and friends who helped us out that week. We appreciate all the help and are so grateful for our new little member of our family. She is a little angel and is adored by all of us (especially her brothers and sister). We are truly blessed.