Wednesday, September 7, 2011

7 months

Mila will be 7 months this week. The older she gets, the more entertaining she is. She never stops wiggling and I feel like I am juggling all day long. She is sitting up now, but would rather be rolling around instead. She can put her passy in her mouth but she always puts it in upside-down. She is starting to scoot herself forward, but is super slow at it. She is eating all kinds of baby food now and loves every one...even the veggies. She grabs everything and it always goes straight to her mouth. It's so fun to see her develop new skills. We love this little girl to death.

First Day of School

We were all excited for the the first day of school. Summer was fun, but we were ready for school to start. Its always fun to get in new school clothes, wear your new backpack and shoes, ride the bus and see your new teacher and old friends. They had a great day and we are hoping for a great year!

Timmy's Green Lantern backpack

Maura and her sparkling backpack

Timmy is going into 3rd and Maura is going into 1st

We had to get a picture of our new shoes (and Topher's old ones)!

Every year before school starts we read the Kissing Hand and before my kids leave for school I draw a little heart on their hand so they can remember during the day that mommy loves them.

Waiting for the bus.

Off they go!

And then there was one....well 2 if you count Mila. :)


This was the second time we've had turkeys in our backyard. A mommy turkey and two baby wander in from the little wooded area behind our house and eat whatever it is they eat in our backyard. They even fly into the trees behind our house. I seriously had no idea that turkeys flew. I always thought that they were a kind of bird that didn't fly (I know, that sounds dumb). It just never occured to me that they did for some reason.'s fun to see all the wildlife that comes to visit us.

T.J.'s 33rd Birthday

T.J.'s 33rd birthday was on Aug. 24th. The poor guy had to work, but afterwards we had dinner at Drew's and Cassie's with the Muglestons. There was tons of good food and the kids were able to play outside. It was so windy that he couldn't blow out his candles so he had to pretend. When the party was over we went home and opened his presents. We sure love him and glad he is part of our family. He works so hard to take care of us all and we appreciate him so much.