Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kelkenberg Farm

Maura had another field trip this year and we went to Kelkenberg farm. We took Cassie and Jada and carpooled with our friends Marci and Henry. Dad stayed home with Topher because Maura just wanted to go with mom. Maura was in heaven. She loves any kind of creature or animal so she was able to pet animals to her heart's content. After seeing the animals we ate our lunch, played in the sandbox, and rode the pony. It was a fun day.

Mrs. Goulette, Maura, and Mrs. Shaw

Riding the pony

Taya trying to stay out of the wind

Henry, Maura and Jada waiting in line

The hay ride

Petting the baby bunny

The 600 pound pig.

Learning about the huge work horses (I have never seen a horse that big)

Out of all of the animals, she would always gravitate back to the cute rabbits. It almost made me want to get one.

10 Years

In all the hullabaloo of birthdays and Mother's day, I forgot to blog about our anniversary. On May 12th T.J. and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. We've had some great adventures and 3 kids along the way. There have been some good times and some not-so-good times, but we did it together. When we were out to dinner to celebrate we couldn't help but wonder what the next 10 years had in store for us. Timmy will be 17, Maura 15, and Topher 12. I can't even imagine what things we'll be dealing with then! Hopefully those years will be just as fulfilling as the last 10 have been. I wouldn't have wanted to spend it with anybody else! Love you T.J.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day this year. T.J. spoiled me by sleeping in, helping me get the kids ready, carrying my heavy bags into church, cooked dinner, and got me a nice gift. Timmy and Maura also brought gifts home from school, and Topher stayed in the nursery the whole time and church. I'm a lucky girl.
Maura's card said "Mom, I love you bunches!" Love, Maura. It came with a hand painted pot (by Maura) of yellow flowers.
Timmy gave me a jar of paper flowers with chores on them that he promised me to do. Along with it was a card. His card read:
Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Mom
10. I love my mom because she reads me Smiley Shark.
9. I love my mom because she helps me with my homework.
8. I love my mom when she makes me laugh by singing.
7. I love my mom because she taught me how to ride my bike.
6. I love to hear my mom sing Popcorn Popping.
5. I love my mom because she finds time to play Wii.
4. I love my mom because she snuggles with me.
3. I know my mom is smart because she helps me with math.
2. I love my mom because she works so hard at cleaning the house.
1. I love my mom because she is the best mom ever!
Both of those kids melted my heart...I love being a mom!

Birthday kids

Since Timmy's birthday is in the summer, his teacher wanted him to celebrate it on the same day as Maura's. So we brought in treats to both classes on the same day and both of them came home wearing crowns! They loved it!

Happy Birthday Maura!

We had a birthday girl on Friday! Maura turned 5 years old. She was so excited (can you tell from that first picture?) She has been counting down for months. She had quite the eventful weekend. She opened her presents, helped mom make cupcakes, played with Jada, went to school and got to wear the birthday crown, went to bed, and threw up at 1:30 am. We were supposed to go to the zoo the next morning, but the wind was blowing about 50 mph and we weren't sure she would feeling well enough so we cancelled. Maura was devastated and was feeling really good so we decided to go to Chuck E. Cheese (no matter how hard we try to avoid it, it always sucks us back in). We ate, played games, ate cupcakes, and went home. We had a good day.

Opening presents

Making cupcakes

People at the party

The Dynamic Duo

The big boys played more the the little kids.

Our cupcakes

Five Fun Things about Maura
1. She is a snuggle bug.
2. She LOVES stuffed animals and live animals.
3. She loves to be a girly girl but also loves to play outside with the worms and snails.
4. She is really good at entertaining babies.
5. She loves to giggle.

Earth Day

For Earth Day at Timmy's school they planted a new tree. Each teacher was asked to choose one student from their class to attend the dedication. Timmy's teacher chose him to attend. He was then asked to share one sentence about why he liked trees. He was so excited to be chosen and to participate so I couldn't miss it. As the program started, I pulled out my camera to start taking pictures and my camera was dead. At least I had my cell phone. The quality of the pictures were poor but I least i got a record of it. I was very proud of him for writing his own sentence and saying it so loud and clear. He said, " I like trees because they give us fruit."