Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny came to our house Saturday morning this was super exciting. Then we went our ward breakfast/building clean up activity and hunted eggs there.

Then we colored eggs. The kids had a blast. And while they were doing that....Mila was doing this:
She missed the whole thing.

Here are my kiddos all spiffed up for church. Aren't they cute?
Then we had our family egg hunt.

And while the kids were eating their candy....Mila was doing this. Are you starting to see a trend here? ;)
Isn't she adorable?

New Ride

Ok everyone...brace yourselves. I am driving a minivan now. Yes, I am one of those people who said they would never drive one, but after having my fourth child, it got to be very frustrating to get everyone in and out of the other car. I have to admit that I totally love it. It rides smooth, the kids can get in and out easily, and the automatic doors protect the cars that are parked next to us from my kids swinging the doors open and denting their doors. We got a few extras in it which make it even more enjoyable. Timmy named her Ellie because our licence plate number starts with ELE. I think it fits.

Kindergarten Concert

Maura and Jada had a little concert at school. They were so excited, but right before the concert Maura told me, "mom, I'm just a little state fright." I thought that was so sweet. She said the adults in the audience were making her nervous. Once she got up there and got started she had a ball. She was so expressive and did every action to best of her ability. I couldn't help but giggle at her exuberance. Both girls did a great job.

The boys waiting for the concert to start. And while they were doing this.....Mila was doing this:
she missed the whole thing.
These two are best buds

Black Eye

Timmy started playing baseball this month. While he was at practice one day, he took a ball to the eye and it gave him quite the shiner. I had to document the stages of it...

Stage 1: a swollen eye
Stage 2: a little purple on the eye lid

Stage 3: more purple underneath the eye
Stage 4: yellow all over
Poor kid.

8 weeks

This little angel was eight weeks on April 21st. I can't believe how fast time is flying already. I have been enjoying every second of this little girl. I love to smell her neck, run my hands through her thick hair, watch her bright eyes, hold her tiny hands, and snuggle her in my arms as much as possible. I am so grateful to be her mom and I'm thankful to Heavenly Father for sending her and my other three kids to me. I am so blessed to be their mom and I love them so much. Sometimes they are not easy to take care of, but I have to remind myself that they will only be little for a short time and I should cherish every moment. I sure am a lucky mom.

taking a bath
T.J. was putting gel in her hair and giving her some groovy hair do's. She doesn't seem to be enjoying herself though.
She has started to smile and coo at us when we talk or sing to her. It melts my heart. She has also started to drool and get tears when she cries...I love it!