Sunday, April 19, 2009

Explore and More

Topher and Timmy climbing rocks.

Maura and Daddy making some music.

Topher...getting in touch with his roots.

The kids playing in the rice box.

The kids fishing.

Timmy's and T.J.'s wooden shoes.

There is a little museum about 30 minutes from our house where the kids can touch everything. They had little exhibits from different parts of the world. They got to play in a big box of rice for in the orient area, sombreros for Mexico, wooden shoes for Norway, and drums for Africa. They had a rooms for arts and crafts, construction areas, and a little padded area for babies to play in. The kids loved every minute of it. We will definitely go back again.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning

Easter Weekend

They are shirtless to avoid serious stains.
The note Timmy had me leave for the Easter Bunny. He wanted to make sure that the Easter Bunny didn't get left out.

If it looks like they have a lot of stuff, its because I found Christmas presents that I never gave them, so I put them out with their baskets.
Yes people, we had to wear winter coats and beanies for our picnic....I don't know if its ever going to get warm here.

We had a busy Easter weekend. On Friday we colored eggs, Saturday the Easter Bunny came, and that afternoon we had an Easter picnic and hunted egss. The kids loved every minute of it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our New Toy

We decided to get the kids a trampoline so they could get some exercise during the summer. It is enclosed so I can zip them in there and they can go crazy. They think its pretty fun and have been working on perfecting their "tricks." Topher likes it too. I have to admit that T.J. and I have liked having it around as well. After the kids go to bed we go out and jump. I guess it makes us feel young again.