Thursday, March 25, 2010

Keeping Busy

I have really been enjoying my sewing machine lately. My mom tried to teach me to sew when I was young, but despite her patience, my skills made the attempt futile. So, in the last couple of years I have been trying to use what my mom taught me and try to teach myself as I go along. At Christmas time I decided I wanted to to do something for my mom, mother in law, sisters, and sisters in law, (and Maura and Jada) so I made these aprons.
Here are my models: Jada, Maura, Mom, and Lyss

After Cassie had Taya, I decided to make her a nursing cover.

Here is the flower that I made so that Cassie could pin it on the cover.

I started these little skirts after T.J. started his 9 week rotation in Syracuse. I needed something to keep my mind and hands busy while he was gone, so I decided to make these for all of the little cute girls in my life (there were also two more but I gave them away before I took the pic). I had so many left over scraps from the aprons that I could let them go to waste.

These are the flowers I made for the girls to either wear in their hair or pin on their skirt or shirt.

And....Here is my cute little inspiration and model...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

At the end of our Leprechaun hunt, the kids found their treasure (play dough, gold chocolate coins, and jelly beans)! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sledding Videos

We took the kids sledding one more time before all of the snow melted. I had so much fun. They were being so crazy, even Topher was sliding on the sled all by himself. Eventually Maura figured out that is was almost as fast for her to slide down on her stomach as it was to go on the sled, so she taught Topher how to do it and they kept at it for almost an hour. By the end Timmy was so brave he was standing on the sled. It was tons of fun.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


T.J. and some friends took the kids sledding last weekend while I stayed home because Tohper needed a nap. My friend took these pictures for me. It looks like they had a really good time.
T.J. even gave it a try.



Timmy, Maura, and Miles.

Little Prayers

I love the faith little children have. Lately I've been loving listening to my kids prayers. Tonight Maura prayed that "mom could stop being allergic to cats so I can have one." Then she finished up and asked if she could say them again because she forgot to ask Heavenly Father to help her have good dreams. Its so good to know that they have such great faith.
Topher doesn't talk much but he loves to say his prayers. One afternoon last week I was putting him in his bed for nap time and he wouldn't lay down until he said his prayers. It made be smile because at such a young age, he is already making prayer a habit. I had to snap this picture too because I thought it was just too precious.
On a funny note, Timmy finished saying his prayers the other night and finished with "Amen." Then he got a concentrated look on his face and asked me why girls don't say "A- girl" after a prayer because guys say "A-men." I just had to laugh. I love my kiddos.

100th Day of School

The kids celebrated their 100th day of school about 2 weeks ago. Timmy had to make a project so he made a wind chime with 100 pieces of rotini pasta hanging from it.
Maura had to bring 100 of something so she brought 100 fuzzy pom poms to school.

And Topher didn't want to be left out so Maura let him wear her crown.