Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day was super fun this year. The kids were so excited to give dad their presents that they made from school. Timmy gave him a tiny picture frame with a picture of the T.J. and the kids in it and a little book about his favorite things about his dad. He said his favorite thing to do with his dad was go fishing. Maura gave him a paper crown that said "king for the day" on it and made him wear it around. She also gave him a book. In the book she said that her dad was 69 years old, 50 feet tall, had black hair and brown eyes, his favorite food is green beans, and she wouldn't trade him or all her money--8 cents! We laughed and laughed over that. Topher colored him a picture in nursery and gave him a candy bar and Mila and I gave him a BBQ apron, a tie, and candy. We grilled steaks and had a yummy salad. I think he really enjoyed the day.

Camping at Home

The other day T.J., Drew, and Anthony decided to take the kids "camping." They decided to go camping in the back yard. The kids were ecstatic. They ran and played and sat around the fire and got just about as dirty as they would have if they had been in the woods. Drew and Anthony set up tents but T.J. and the kids slept on the trampoline. I wasn't sure if they would make it all night, but they did. They thought it was great even though their pillows and blankets were totally soaked in the morning from the dew. They want to do it again soon.

Student of the Month

Timmy was awarded the Student of the Month award in his class at school. Each teacher got to pick one student and his teacher picked him.He got this award for being respectful, kind, obedient of rules, and academic excellence. I was a proud mom. I asked him if he knew that he was getting it and he told me, "no, but I was crossing my fingers really hard that it would be me and it worked!" He is so funny! Timmy really is a great kid not only at school, but at home too. He is willing to help almost all the time. He is a special kid.

4 months old

Mila turned four moths old last week. She is getting so big. She keeps us smiling all of the time. We are constantly laughing at her crazy hair, her loud squeals, and her cute giggles. She is holding her head up well and just started rolling over. She is starting to want to grab things but hasn't quite figured it out yet. She is such a sweet girl, sleeps sleeps through the night and loves to have anybody talk to her. We love our little Mila!

we are trying to clip back her crazy hair since headbands don't stay on and its a little too short for a piggy tail so we are going with a clip for now.
I can't get enough of these cute hands and feet!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Az pics

Maura at Tball

I snapped a picture of Maura on her last day of tball. She had a good time but the jury is still out on whether she bats right or left handed. Maybe she'll do both!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Flag Day!!

Happy Flag Day! We got all dressed up in our red, white and blue today and watched the kids march around the school to show their patriotism. It was a blast!

Bike Rodeo 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maura's and Jada's Kindergarten Graduation/Picnic

Maura and Jada had their Kindergarten Graduation/Picnic yesterday. They sang lots of cute songs and got a little certificate. On the back it told what she wanted to be when she grew up. It said, "I want to be a teacher when I grow up. I like to pass out work to the kids." After the

Maura getting her certificate from the principal.
Showing me her work
Mila sitting in the sun. She wouldn't open her eyes because it was so bright.
Eating their picnic lunch.
At the playground with her friends.
Mrs. Potkalitsky, Maura and her friend Leah

18 mile creek

Trying to stay out of the sun

The kids took turns jumping off the little wall. Please disregard the background graffiti. We didn't want that in there but didn't have a choice.
T.J. trying to help all of the kids across.
T.J. had been dying to show us this fishing spot that he and Anthony found a few years ago so we let kids get in their suits and took off. They had a blast splashing in the water and throwing rocks. We ate our picnic lunch and just relaxed. It was super fun.

Our trip to Snowflake

My dad came to pick us up from the Rubalcava's house and we headed to Snowflake. When we got there we had fun catching up with everybody. Mila and Taya got passed around to everyone. It was fun for me to introduce her to them. She got to meet most of her cousins and aunts and uncles. That night we went to Kody and Tyson's graduation. On Saturday we just sat around and chatted, Joele came over with her kiddos, and then we went out to eat more Mexican food. Yum! We got up early Sunday morning and all piled into Klint's new van (with room to spare) and heading back to Phoenix to get on the plane. Mila was as good back as she was on the way. It was such an enjoyable trip. It was so relaxing for me to get a little break, but I missed T.J. and the kids very much and was so glad to see them when I got home.
Mila Smiling in Grandma's lap. She was so happy the whole trip.

Joele, Kristina, and Riley

Incle bud and Alex holding Mila

Me and Grandpa Webb and Grandma Cheryl. I tried to get them to look at the camera but they couldn't hear me so Lyss just snapped the picture anyway. :)

Aunt Alyssa
Grandma and Mila

Papa, Bentley, and Mila. Bentley wasn't super excited to share her papa, but she let Mila have a knee. :)

Papa and Mila
I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of Kam and Sarah or Kody, but hopefully I steal some from those of you who did and post them here soon.

Our visit to Globe 2011

Cassie and I decided to take a trip to AZ to go to graduation and to introduce Mila to our family. The night we flew in Tim and Karen came to pick us up from the airport. We had a good visit on the way back to Globe and had Burger House waiting for us when we got there...mmm! It was nice to have real Mexican food again. Then sat around and visited and passed Mila and Taya around until way late. It was so fun to see them again.
Mila and Tia Dallyn

Mila sucking on her arm while hugging grandma.

Papa and Grandma eating Burger House

Tio Alecc, Tia Dallyn, and Grandma

Giving grandma smiles
Taya and Mila and Grandma