Saturday, November 19, 2011

Disney World Day 5 Epcot Center

Our last park to visit was Epcot. There wasn't a huge amount of rides that all of the kids could ride, so we rode all of the ones that didn't have a huge wait and then headed off to the countries portion of the park.

The kids at breakfast.

A cranberry pond

T.J. and Timmy in "England" in front of the telephone booths and a post boxes. We also had the most delicious fish and chips there.

They had the most beautiful gardens in "England" too.

Topher taking his daily nap.

Next we headed over to Japan or China. I can't remember which. We ate sushi there.

Next was Italy. We had a chocolate canoli there.

Then there was Mexico. We had to stop and have tacos.
We also stopped in Germany and had the most delicious chocolate fudge. It was so fun to see all the different countries and foods. We had a great trip. The kids enjoyed spending time with their Papa and Grandma too. It was the most exhausting vacation I have ever been on, but it was worth it!

Disney World Day 4 Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom was awesome! We really felt like we were in a different country. We went on a safari ride and saw to many cool African animals.

There was a mini showing of the Lion King that plays on Braodway. It was amazing! So entertaining and awesome! At the very end they pulled Timmy and Maura out of the audience to play an instrument and march around the stage. It was so cool! I'm just bummed none of pictures turned out very well. I am going to have to see that show the next time it comes to our area.

Another fun playground for the kids to play on.

Pounding on the drums.

Disney World Day 3 Down Town Disney

On our lazy day we decided to swim and visit Down Town Disney. The kids were just as happy ro be at the pool than being at the parks. Our hotel, Port Orleans French Quarter had a fun pool and the kids had a blast swimming.

Down Town was fun too. We rode a boat over there and walked around a bunch of stores. The kids favorite was the Lego store. They had so many displays of Lego creations, they were amazed.

Disney World Day 2 and 6 Magic Kingdom

We were so excited to go to Magic Kingdom because we heard it was most like Disneyland. We also chose to stay there the last day as well. The kids had the most fun there. This was the hardest day though. The kids all had meltdowns, they were totally exhausted and Mila was getting sick. I'm glad that we were able to go a second day because it was rough. We did as many rides as we could though and even stayed until the fireworks that night. They were amazing and the castle was gorgeous!

Mila went dressed as Minnie. We had to ditch the dress after about 2 hours because the circulation in her chubby little arms was getting cut off. Poor baby.

Topher also started getting sick, and breathing problems always follow. He was so exahausted he fell asleep doing his treatment that night.

We happened to catch a breakfast with the Pooh and Friends just by accident, but the kids didn't complain. Topher wasn't convinced that these characters were nice either. He asked me at least three times to protect him from all the characters.

Locked up with Zurg.

Pretty Christmas Decorations

The Castle

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Disney World Day 1 Hollywood Studios

We started off with a 2 1/2 hour plane ride to Florida. It was so much nicer than the 6 hour one we are used to taking. Once we got there we met up with Papa and Grandma Rubalcava and boarded the Disney Magical Express. We got to bypass baggage claim and Disney guaranteed our luggage would be there within 2-3 hours. Well we didn't go to bed until about 10 and still no luggage, so we put the kids to bed in their clothes. The luggage didn't show up until about 3 am, I'm just glad it didn't get lost. I was a little worried.

We started the first day off at Disney Hollywood Studios. The kids loved the Tower of Terror, Toy Story Mania, and the really fast Rockin Roller coaster. The rest of the day was mostly shows. There was a little Mermaid show, Muppet show, a super cool stunt car show that Lightening McQueen made an appearance in. We saw a cool parade and ate lots of yummy snacks.

Mila was excited to be in her little crib.

we had a really fun time trying to get a picture with Mike and Sully. They were being so silly, it took about 5 minutes of goofing around before we got a good picture. The kids were giggling so much, except for Topher who just wasn't convinced they were nice.

Had to get a picture with Lightening and Mater.

The line was WAY too long to get a picture with Phineas and Ferb, but it was fun to see them from a distance.

The kids got to play on a playground based on the movie "Honey I Shrunk the Kids". They thought it was awesome!

I loved all of the little statues made of greenery. So cool.

It was a fun park. We had an awesome day!