Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Olcott park

For play group in our ward we went out to a little town on the river that has a little amusement park with rides for little kids that only cost a quarter. The kids were so excited you would think it was Disneyland! After the rides we ate ice cream and rocked in wooden rocking chairs. It was a fun morning and it only cost $10 plus the drive out there was gorgeous! I hope we can go again soon!

6 months old

I can't believe its been another month. This little girl rolls everywhere now. The other day she even rolled underneath the crib! She hasn't quite mastered sitting up yet but it will be soon. She started eating rice cereal last week and loved it! She cried when it was all gone. The other kids think its so interesting to watch her eat from a spoon and every time I feed her everybody wants a turn to give her a spoonful. She has definitely found her voice and she is constantly screaming. If the rest of the kids are loud, she chimes right in just as loud. We took her swimming the other day and she loved it! She was all kicks and smiles. Her hair just keeps getting longer and longer except for the bald spot in the back. It even fits in little piggy tails now. She has dad wrapped around her little finger and loves to give him kisses, but I have to say that I am still her favorite person around. Maura comes in a close second though cause she is so good with her and loves to help me out. We love this little girl, but we wish we could freeze her this size. The kids always joke that they want to throw her in the dryer to shrink her so she will stay little!

Timmy is getting rich!

Timmy has been losing teeth like crazy! He lost his front two teeth in the same week. I pulled one and he pulled the other. I love his smile with his missing teeth. Its so cute!