Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New York ...Here we come!

Well...T.J. got in to school!! We will be moving to Buffalo, NY in July or August. I can't believe it! It's such a long way from home. He also has an interview in California next friday, so if he gets in there we will move there instead. My fingers are crossed for California, but I know we'll be ok in New York too. We'll miss everybody very much.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

He's Here!!!!!

He's here! Topher Webb Rubalcava was born on Feb. 5th, weighed 8 lbs 14 oz, and was 21.1 inches long. He's a big kid and sooo handsome! I have 3 main men in my life now!! It was a struggle to get him here, but it was worth it. My water broke at 1am that morning so we went into the hospital. After being hooked up to my epidural for a while, I just wasn't progressing the way I should and with each contraction the baby's heartrate would decelerate. I also was lucky or should I say unlucky enough to have bronchitis with a huge fever at the same time. They started to worry about the baby's heartrate, him getting a fever and the fact that he wasn't descending into the birth canal like he should (probably because he was pretty big), so they decided to do an emergency c-section. The c-section went well and we had our baby. For the next few days in the hospital I fought a high fever and a sore stomach due to uncontrollable coughing. Now I'm home and still fighting to feel better, but glad to have our little boy home!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Date is Set!!

For any of you who are keeping track...I'm scheduled to be induced on Thursday!! (If I don't have him before then) I'm measuring quite a bit bigger than what I am supposed to so the doctor said she would induce me. Let me tell you how happy I am! I'll let you know how it all goes down later.