Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our February

February was a whirlwind for us. TJ was working half the week in Mesa and half the week in Thatcher, we were getting to ready to move and right in the middle of trying to sell the house. We still had time to celebrate Valentine's Day with heart pancakes and decorating cookies. Timmy got his bear badge in cub scouts. We were so proud of him. Mila also turned 2! My baby is getting so big. Good thing she probably won't remember this birthday because we were moving that day and only spent about 10 minutes celebrating. She loved her cake and presents though, especially her clothes. She didn't want to wait to wear them. That night after we dropped all of our stuff at our new house in Thatcher, the kids and I came back to an empty house and had a sleepover in one room. The kids went to their last day of school and I cleaned the house. When the kids got home, we left our house for good. We were all super sad to say goodbye to our family and friends. 


gantrieb said...

you guys moved?!? MAN! your kiddos are getting big! hope you are doing well

Kris said...

We're gonna be in Thatcher this weekend- I'm gonna call you! :)